Welcome to Wasabi Design Works

Wasabi designs & delivers tranquility, atmosphere, and a ZEN style for your life!

Extraordinary | Unconventional | Original

• Designs are inspired by long-established authentic Japanese architecture
• Exquisite & tasteful design & construction
• Designs are harmonized with your existing landscape
• High quality craftsmanship by Japanese fabrication

We are constantly studying Japanese culture and emerging trends in order to continue evolving our existing Japanese style.

Yoshi Tamada, Director, has been involved in building log homes & timber frame homes for over 20 years in both Japan and Canada. With a profound respect for nature, Yoshi takes great pride in working with and creating art out of wood.

Yoshi started wood working in Yamanashi, Japan, and has spent time working in Whistler for 4 years from 1992. Since moving to Vancouver, he started renovation work by focusing on a unqiue Japanese style. This involved both designing homes as well as exterior landscaping. Yoshi has a unique perspective for Japanese taste. As with his life, he has adapted Western into Japanese.

Japan has a long history of wooden building construction. When Yoshi is looking for solutions, he knows that his Japanese ancestors always have the answer. Wasabi Design Works excels at introducing Japanese modern timber frame home design to North America, all while pursuing an authentic Japanese modern style.